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Westgen Technologies
Low cost, reliable, wellsite power

Low cost, reliable, wellsite power

Westgen Technologies Inc. is a remote power generation company aiming to reduce development costs while improving environmental sustainability across the North American oil and gas industry. 

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EPOD Reduces Shell Opex by 85% While Offsetting Emissions
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EPOD Reduces Shell Opex by 85% While Offsetting Emissions

Why Consider Westgen Technologies?

Westgen is founded on the belief that the Energy industry is vital to the continued growth and success of society as a whole.

Co-Founders Connor O’Shea and Ben Klepacki are two experienced Oil & Gas professionals who bring together Engineering and Commercial expertise from both the perspectives of the Producer and the Service Provider.

Westgen’s mission is to develop technologies behind responsible energy development by reducing environmental impact and improving efficiencies in design.

The EPOD series of products by Westgen Technologies offers alternative air and power solutions for remote and off-grid wellsites. These solutions can help reduce methane emissions and provide power to sites that are challenging to reach. 

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