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Live Webinar: Live Webinar: Increase ATMP Capacity Through Modeling & Adaptive Scheduling

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Join Applied Control and Our Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex, for a Live Webinar 10/13
Join Applied Control and Our Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex, for a Live Webinar 10/13
As cell and gene therapy product pipelines grow, available CMO capacity can be severely constrained, especially for smaller companies. As a result, many sponsors are being forced to bring manufacturing in-house—or reluctantly accept a long and costly delay to their trials. Furthermore, these new products require significantly more complex manufacturing processes than traditional small or large molecule products. 

With so many companies newly tackling their own manufacturing of these complex products, inefficiencies are inherent and unavoidable. Even so, it is possible to see output gains from new and existing facilities with advanced scheduling and modeling. Our Real-Time Modeling System™ (RTMS) allows customers to visualize the facility constraints in a holistic view, accommodate variability, maximize production, and understand the implications of any change in the manufacturing process. By collecting data from across the organization, RTMS can consolidate, analyze, and present an accurate model of the entire process.

Realize these Benefits:

  • Verify process design prior to capital expenditures
  • Establish a clear and accurate debottlenecking pathway
  • Future-proof facilities for multiple products, clinical & commercial
  • Understand the effects of new technology on your process
  • Identify labor & resource constraints to optimize KPIs
  • Determine feasible facility capacity and cadence

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