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AMS Device Manager

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  • Englewood, CO
    Jul 18, 2023 - Jul 20, 2023
    Register by: May 19, 2023

This 3-day instructor-assisted course features a hands-on, self-paced environment. Training modules and exercises allow participants to grasp key concepts like how to configure, use and administer AMS Device Manager.

Audience: The training exercises focus on skills required by engineers and technicians, and are based on real-world tasks that most users will encounter on the job.


7020-1 Configuring and Using AMS Device Manager

▪ Viewing and Modifying Devices

▪ Creating a Plant Database Hierarchy and Adding Devices

▪ Using the Field Communicator with AMS Device Manager

▪ Using the AMS Device Manager Browser Functions

▪ Audit Trail

▪ Calibrating Device – Calibration Assistant

▪ Configuring and Monitoring System Alert

7020-2 System Administration

▪ AMS Device Manager System Overview

▪ Installing an AMS Device Manager Server Plus Standalone

▪ Starting AMS Device Manager for the First Time

▪ Network Communication Interface Setup

▪ AMS Device Manager Database Management

▪ Installing a Distributed System

▪ Installing Device Types from Media

7020-3 SNAP-ON™ Applications

▪ AMS ValveLink® SNAP-ON Applications - Basics

▪ MV Engineering Assistant SNAP-ON Application

▪ QuickCheck™ SNAP-ON Application

▪ AMS Device Manager OPC Server and the Matrikon OPC Explorer

▪ AMS Device Manager Web Services

▪ AlertTrack™ SNAP-ON Application

▪ Wireless SNAP-ON Application