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DeltaV Advanced Display Design Using Live

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  • Englewood, CO
    Jun 6, 2023 - Jun 7, 2023
    Register by: April 7, 2023


This 2-day course uses a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops to provide the students the knowledge and understanding of the operational benefits that can be achieved by Advanced Operator Display design, based on the industry standard, ISA 101.01. Students will learn how to apply human factor techniques required to design best-practice HMI displays to achieve operator performance gains using the DeltaV Live interface.

Students who complete this course will:

  • Learn how the operator’s environment impacts their performance
  • Learn how to leverage human factors in HMI design for a potential return on investment
  • Learn the DeltaV Live Conversion options that incorporate Industry Standards and Best Practices
  • Learn how the DeltaV Live interface supports industry standards and best practices
  • Learn to navigate the DeltaV Live interface using different layouts and display hierarchies


  • Improving Operator Performance
  • Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems – ANSI – ISA101.01
  • Advanced Operator Displays
  • DeltaV Live Conversion Options
  • DeltaV Live
  • Display Sets and Display Hierarchy
  • Alarm Rollups
  • High Performance GEMs
  • Custom Layouts
  • Graphics Studio
This course is designed for process control engineers and operations personnel (Operations Managers and Engineers) responsible for designing, implementing, using and/or managing their HMI, particularly those who are planning for a conversion to DeltaV Live.