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Powering the Evolution to Zero-Emission Well Sites

Powering the Evolution to Zero-Emission Well Sites

Need to eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic devices? Westgen Technologies EPOD is an award-winning solution that provides cost-effective air and power generation while eliminating GHG venting from pneumatic air devices. 

According to the IEA Methane Tracker, the energy industry emits 2 billion tons of CO2e in the form of methane emissions every year, and roughly 25% of those emissions are from pneumatic devices. That’s the equivalent of 520 million tons of CO2 or about 113 million cars. This places methane as one of the largest sources of emissions from the oil and gas sector.

The EPOD Advantage

Reduce emissions by up to 99% and eliminate emission venting from pneumatic devices
Reduce total cost of ownership compared to other technologies with lower capital & operating costs
Run on well gas, natural gas, propane, or solar energy
Operate and maintain easily with standardized components, modular design, and simplified user interface