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Fisher™ Type 63EG Relief Valve or Backpressure Regulator
Fisher Type 63EG pilot-operated pressure relief valves may be used for both liquid and gas service.
Type 63EG is also suitable for throttling backpressure or bypass applications. The main valves in both constructions use quick-change trim package for fast maintenance. For remote monitoring, a Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) is available for the Type 63EG to mount the 4300 Series Wireless Position Monitors to the travel indicator.

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Fisher™ Type 63EG Relief Valve or Backpressure Regulator


Body Size and End Connection Styles
Body Sizes: NPS 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 x 6, 12 x 6 / DN 25, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200 x 150, 300 x 150
End Connections: NPT, CL150 RF, CL300 RF, CL600 RF, CL125FF, CL250RF, BWE, SWE, or PN 16/24/40
Maximum Relief (Inlet) Pressure
Type 63EG: 400 psig / 27,6 bar
Type 1098-63EGR: 82 psig / 5,7 bar
Relief Set Pressure Range
Type 63EG: 10 to 400 psig / 0,69 to 27,6 bar in nine ranges
Type 1098-63EGR: 3 to 65 psig / 0,21 to 4,5 bar in three ranges
Temperature Capabilities
Nitrile (NBR): -20° to 180°F / -29° to 82°C
Fluorocarbon (FKM): 0° to 300°F / -18° to 149°C
Ethylenepropylene (EPDM): -20° to 275°F / -29° to 135°C


  • Quiet Operation—The Whisper Trim™ cage option can reduce noise from high-velocity gas by as much as 10 decibels. Whisper Trim equipped regulators are especially engineered for high-pressure applications where sonic gas velocities are often encountered at relief valve outlets.
  • Tight Shutoff—A knife-edged metal plug and soft seat provide bubble tight shutoff.
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance—Top entry design enables easier maintenance. Trim parts can be inspected, cleaned and replaced without removing the body from pipeline.
  • Low Buildup—6358 Series relief valve pilots reduce the buildup required to protect system from overpressure.
  • Full Usable Capacity—Fisher brand products are laboratory tested. 100% of the published flow capacity can be used with confidence.
  • Travel Indicator—Simplifies in-service inspection and system troubleshooting
  • Stable Startup—The unique hollow valve stem in the pilot provides quick pressure registration on top of the main valve plug preventing main valve unseating during normal system startup.