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Det-Tronics UD10
The FlexVu® Model UD10 is recommended for applications that require a gas detector with digital readout of detected gas levels as well as analog 4-20 mA output with HART, relay contacts, and Modbus RS485 (FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus option available).

The UD10 Universal Display Unit is designed for use with Det-Tronics gas detectors such as GT3000, PIR9400, PIRECL, OPECL, C706x, Model 505/CGS, CGS or NTMOS, as well as generic linear 4-20 mA sensors. The display unit is designed and approved as a ‘stand-alone’ device and performance all the functions of a gas controller.


Det-Tronics UD10


Operating Voltage
24 Vdc nominal, operating range is 18 to 30 Vdc.
Current Output
Linear isolated 4–20 mA output with HART. Maximum loop resistance 600 ohms at 18 to 30 Vdc.
Operating Temperature
–55°C to +75°C.
Wiring Terminals
14 to 18 AWG, 2.5-0.75 mm2 wire can be used.
Conduit Entries
3/4" NPT or M25.


  • Universal design supports multiple Det-Tronics sensors or generic linear 4-20 mA sensors
  • Local digital LCD display continuously indicates gas level, gas type, and units measured
  • Backlit and heated display
  • Non-intrusive calibration quickly performed by one person
  • Rugged construction approved for us in classified hazardous areas
  • Linear isolated/non-isolated 4-20 mA output with HART
  • Non-intrusive menu allows device configuration without de-classifying the hazardous area
  • Internal magnetic switches provide a non-intrusive user interface
  • Smart capabilities with access to sensor information and measurement range
  • Event logs: calibration with date and time stamp
  • Fault logs: detector fault, low power and general fault
  • Alarm logs: high gas alarm, low gas alarm and aux alarm