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AMS and DeltaV Guardian Foundation Support provides the latest releases and documentation consisting of software releases, Technical Service Bulletins, software maintenance, and assurance of software and hardware problem resolution.

  • 24-Hour Technical Product Support – Product Support requests are directed to the Emerson Response Center.  Emerson pro­vides an effective problem-resolution process, including remote system diagnosis where authorized by the customer and an automatic escalation process for inquiries or problems requiring advanced expertise.  This service provides technical support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Software Media – Media and documentation are provided for all new general distribution releases of AMS and DeltaV software, including the updated software, electronic copies of associated release notes, instructions for loading the upgrade, and any cautions regarding implementation. Emerson’s technical support team addresses any technical questions that may be encountered regarding the new features and functions contained in the software release.
  • Internet Information Access – A user-configurable dashboard-style Internet support website is provided, with content that is specific to the user's AMS or DeltaV system.  Customers can view service information for all of their systems enrolled in Guardian Support globally, using the Enterprise Explorer to easily select the locations and systems of interest.  The Guardian dashboard allows real-time visualization and management of lifecycle support requirements.  The dashboard provides access to system-specific service information, including Knowledge Base Articles, Microsoft OS security updates, active and historical service calls, product lifecycle information, system content, system change history, and license consumption, plus access to general information like news, Books Online, and links to other service resources.
  • Guardian Email – An automated email notification system communicates actionable system alerts that are specifically applicable to the user’s chosen interests and scope of systems responsibility. Automated email messages will alert Guardian users in real-time to new or revised Knowledge Base Articles relevant to their specific system. Changes made to system content are automatically checked against previously published articles. The Guardian website will present an executive summary for each Knowledge Base Article applicable to the enrolled system, complete with identification of impacted system nodes.
  • System Analysis Reports – Two System Analysis Reports per year are prepared by Emerson Technical Specialists, with recommendations on system availability and sustainability based on system content, Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) relevant to the system Product Life Cycle Support, and service call history.
DeltaV Extended Hardware Warranty provides replacement of an enrolled DeltaV system’s failed assemblies with new or reconditioned assemblies, at no additional cost. Extended Hardware Warranty provides replacement modules for all Emerson PSS Price Book DeltaV and DeltaV supported products. Under the Extended Hardware Warranty program, replacement assemblies are shipped from Emerson following completion of the Return Material Authorization Process.
MiMiC Software Support service provides technical support and automatic software upgrades for your MiMiC Process Simulation System beyond the warranted period. This cost effective solution allows users of MiMiC Process Simulation Software to keep their simulation investment updated and effective for ongoing process automation development and operator training. MiMiC Software Support users have access to the MYNAH Technologies support staff, manuals, white papers, application notes, and knowledge based articles.

Machine Health Management Support services will secure the quality of your Machinery Health Management program by providing telephone support, hardware repairs, calibrations, updates, product manual revisions, and database repairs for corrupted files, links, and data.

  • After Hours Telephone Support – Provides telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • NIST Traceable Calibrations – Provides detailed documentation that will satisfy quality requirements for NIST Certified Calibrations.  Includes As Found and As Left data, analyzers will be adjusted to conform to pass 3% tolerance ratio.  Available on the following analyzers: 2140, 2130, 2120, 2117, 1910, and 8117.
  • 72 Hour Expedited Repairs – Guarantees the repair of your instrument will begin within 72 hours of receipt and return shipping using next day service, or the amount of this service will be refunded.  This service is based on Monday through Friday hours, Holidays are excluded.
Wireless Plant Network Support provides After Project Expert Technical Support and critical on-site services to help maintain uptime, performance, and deliver a better return on your Wireless Plant Network investment.  Emerson’s Smart Wireless Plant Network Support is designed to help maximize the availability of the Smart Wireless Plant Network, keep applications running at peak performance, ensure Wireless Plant Network Security, and deliver lower maintenance cost.  This service includes expert technical support, on-site emergency service, preventive and reliability maintenance, spares support program, and application enrichment.
Anti-Virus Support provides technical support and automatic software upgrades with  the installed anti-virus (usually Symantec or McAfee Endpoint).  This will ensure your computers are protected from viruses with an Emerson-approved solution.  This service will include a yearly visit to renew the anti-virus software and install the latest updates, and Anti-Virus Support users have access to the program's technical support staff.

The DeltaV PC Workstation Replacement Program provides future replacement of DeltaV Workstations and Servers with Emerson tested and approved PC hardware.  This service supplies the PC hardware via the System Support Plan.

  • This program will cover PC Server Class Machine and Work Station Class Machines. 
  • A new 36 month period will begin after you enroll in the PC Workstation Replacement Program.
  • The monitor that is included will be of similar size and style as the existing monitor.  Upgraded monitors are also available for purchase.
  • This service protects your investment and ensures your technology stays current in a fast changing environment.
Service Benefits:
  • Keeps the control system PC platform current and secures future functionality.
  • Makes hardware upgrade convenient by allowing planning of cost and time.
  • Provides assistance to ensure smooth implementation.

DeltaV Classes provide a better understanding about the different aspects of your DeltaV Systems.  Below is a list and brief description of a few different classes available at the Emerson Process Management Education Center in Round Rock, Texas (Austin, Texas).  These are classes that are also offered at Applied Control throughout the year and training is available at your site as well.

  • DeltaV Implementation I This 4-1/2 day course covers a complete DeltaV system implementation. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to define system capabilities, define nodes, configure continuous, and sequential control strategies, operate the system and define users and security.
  • DeltaV Implementation II – This 4-1/2 day course is for process control engineers responsible for configuring the DeltaV system. Advanced topics will be covered including displays, function blocks, and configuration tips.  (Must have completed DeltaV Implementation I or have experience with DeltaV).
  • DeltaV Hardware and Troubleshooting – This 4-day course focuses on the hardware components that make up the DeltaV system: M-series controllers and I/O, S-series controllers and I/O (including CHARMs), and DeltaV Smart Switches. Using a combination of lectures and workshops, you will learn how to use operator and diagnostic tools to identify and locate hardware-related fault conditions. Workshops provide the opportunity to disassemble and reassemble the M- and S-series hardware and return the system to an operating state.

These courses are recommended for instrumentation and maintenance technicians, managers, and configuration engineers who need to know about DeltaV hardware and software.  They provide an overview of the DeltaV Control Network, M- and S-series hardware, and software applications. Upon completion, you will be familiar with the hardware, software, and be able to perform troubleshooting techniques.

For a list of DeltaV courses available at Applied Control, please see our Education page, or contact us!

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