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Remote Factory Acceptance Testing
Remote Customer Factory Acceptance Testing is now available

Remote Customer Factory Acceptance Testing is now available

Utilizing the capabilities that reside in our modern compressor control panels, we can successfully test all aspects of our compressor control systems with you in real-time, without being in the same room, city or country.

Customer Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are key when we are confirming the operation of all the compressor control panels hardware, layout, sequencing and overall safe operation. This service provides greater Customer visibility on their product before it ships without having to be there in person.

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Advanced Remote Factory Acceptance Test Capabilities

  • Utilizes the most common remote video communication software
  • Available on multiple control panel platforms (REMVue, AB, GE, and more)
  • Attendee’s can take control of both the compressor control panel, as well as the advanced SSOR control panel as if they were standing in front of it
  • The control panel can be put through a variety of real world process upset situations utilizing the automated test panel
  • Option to record the FAT
  • Upon completion of FAT, Docusign generates signatures for both the customer and Spartan representative to sign off on all required documentation
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Remote Customer Factory Acceptance Test significantly reduces costs:

Remote Customer Factory Acceptance Test significantly reduces costs:

  • No travel for Customer or Applied Control representative
  • No hotel accommodations needed
  • Multiple Customer key stakeholders can attend remote FAT from any location
  • When additional modifications are required by the results of the FAT, Spartan can implement the modifications before the panel is shipped to site
Automated Test Panel

Automated Test Panel

  • When wired into the compressor control panel, the automated test panel provides the ability to simulate a compressor process with full control and shutdown capability
  • Ability to simulate and test every IO point with the push of a button
  • Capability of testing all hardware, wiring, and logic inside the compressor control panel