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System Upgrades System Upgrades

Applied Control develops an upgrade plan to minimize or eliminate system downtime and ensure a smooth transition when upgrading DeltaV software - or moving from a physical system to a virtual system.

The assessment process includes:

  • An evaluation of the hardware and software upgrade requirements to go from the current release to the new release.  These items include system hardware components to be upgraded, required complimentary product updates, operating system requirements, display migration, and virus protection requirements.
  • A review of applicable technical Knowledge Base Articles and Release Notes for known issues, resolved issues, and new functionality.
  • Review system architecture information including any third-party or customized applications as well as any other key site installation considerations.

Applied Control service engineers are trained in DeltaV system upgrades and the new features of each revision.

The DeltaV upgrade includes upgrade preparation, loading DeltaV software on each workstation and/or server, loading all applicable hotfixes, flashing controllers and I/O, uploading the registration file, and loading third-party software on the new machine.

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