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The Power Of One
APRIL 4, 2022

Following the October 1, 2021 announced merger of Applied Control and PCE Pacific, the companies will now formally rebrand the new combined entity as Applied Control.
Both companies have a long and respected history as Emerson Impact Partners in the Western United States and are steeped in customer-service-oriented cultures. Company leadership arrived at the decision to align under Applied Control as one unifying team name after listening to employees and customers share their thoughts on the matter.

“The up-front benefit of having one name for the new larger company will certainly alleviate confusion and enhance our ability to communicate with our customers as one team. Our goal is to provide consistent, reliable support for our customers across the West, and allow them to benefit first-hand from our combined strength.” -President Tad Cahill

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Applied Control and PCE Pacific both have a strong history of serving the automation and process control needs of the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Identifying under a common name will help us to grow together as one company and provide more effective service for customers across our combined territory.
Together, as one combined entity, we have a larger and more diverse inventory, expanded shop capabilities, enhanced industry, and product application depth, and an enhanced ability to deliver exceptional local support.


Our customers will benefit immediately from a larger and more diverse/expanded inventory of available items, shop capabilities, industry expertise, product application depth, and increased local support, especially across the more remote areas within our geographical reach.
Yes, your contacts will remain the same. There will be no immediate change to employee phone numbers or emails. We will relay changes once our IT systems have been fully integrated but even after that combination, PCE legacy email addresses and phone numbers will remain active to ensure you can always reach the appropriate member of our team.
For now, it is business as usual. We will designate teams to work on integrating these resources and we will communicate any changes in a manner that is easy on our customers. Eventually, all tools will be integrated into one solution. Most portal updates will include significant enhancements to functionality with little to no action required by customers.
Yes, all agreements with Emerson Automation Solutions companies remain intact.
The short answer is yes. If this applies to your company, a representative from Applied Control or PCE Pacific will be reaching out to you to discuss agreements on a case-by-case basis. If no agreed-upon Terms & Conditions are in place with PCE Pacific or Applied Control, then Applied Control terms & conditions will apply to any new orders.
We do not foresee any interruption of business during the merging of the two companies. Our customers will benefit from access to a wider range of products, inventoried items, and shop capabilities.
Yes! Inventory, service capabilities, expertise, and resources will only help our customers benefit from this merger. Sales, Technicians, and Engineers will be available across the new, larger territory.