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Rosemount™ 752 FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Remote Indicator
The Rosemount 752 FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Remote Indicator displays the value of controlled variables alongside final control devices or presents data from transmitters in inaccessible areas.
The 752 supports the H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) 6.0 update, bringing you the latest advancements in field diagnostics per the NAMUR NE107 recommendation. This remote indicator operates anywhere on the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 segment and provides variables such as pressure, flow, liquid level, temperatures or valve position.
Rosemount™ 752 FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Remote Indicator


Enclosure Rating
NEMA Type 4X, IP66 and IP68
Hazardous location, marine type, see full specs for complete list of certifications
Materials of Construction
Low-copper aluminum alloy or CF-8M (Cast 316 SST)


  • Displays value of controlled variables alongside final control devices for process insight
  • Provides important process variables remotely from transmitters mounted in inaccessible locations
  • Device can be located anywhere along the segment for application flexibility
  • Up to eight values can be configured with tag and engineering units to meet a range of application demands
  • Data scrolls sequentially in 3-second increments for fast, comprehensive information
  • Offers advanced calculations and control capability through optional function block suite for enhanced data
  • Function block suite includes Input Selector, Input Characterizer, Arithmetic, Integrator and PID with Autotune
  • Can display a function block output from any device on the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segment for adaptability
  • Two-wire segment powered device for simple installation and use
  • Non-critical alerts can be sent to a maintenance station for future work while critical diagnostics can be routed for an immediate instrumentation check