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PACSystems™ State Based Control
With Emerson’s State Based Control services, reduce unplanned events and operator error using autonomous operations for a safer, faster startup.


  • A state-based approach to control uses a combination of operator-initiated state transitions and automated control logic to enable operators to drive a process to a desired state. Within a process, different units providing services to each other can communicate with one another to keep the process aware of ready states, temperatures, and more, to ensure each step happens only when the overall system is ready.
  • State Based Control uses automation and dynamic alarm management to provide a solution that keeps facilities safer and reduces unplanned events. With State Based Control, your facility can stay in automatic for startup, shutdown and abnormal situations, keeping within the operational boundaries and away from alarms and trips. When a trip occurs, the units can have a coordinated response to minimize operator interventions.
  • Emerson has the capability to execute end-to-end State Based Control projects, in accordance with ISA 106. Emerson can assist with creation of a Procedural Automation Strategy that is fit for your unique organization. Conducting a State Based Control Assessment with Emerson provides the high-level design of the State Based Control and helps determine the appropriate level of automation to maximize value.