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Emerson’s AgileOps software is a complete Alarm Management solution that provides consistency and reliability to the control system by keeping it optimally configured for the process state. The AgileOps Suite includes a master alarm database, advanced alarm shelving, dynamic alarming and alarm performance monitoring / auditing against industry standard KPI’s. AgileOps can interface with DeltaV and non-DeltaV control systems.


Server Hardware Requirements
2.20 GHz 8 core processors, 64 GB Ram, 512 GB hard drive
Server Software Requirements
Windows Server 2016 (fully patched), Microsoft SQL Server standard 2016 with latest service pack


  • Master Control System Database (MCSD) – Central repository for viewing, configuring and managing all alarm data. AutoDiscovery automatically browses the control system and populates the database, then periodically scans for new or deleted items. Generates discrepancy reports and alarm enforcement can be enabled.
  • Dynamic Management (DM) – Enables alarm configuration changes based on dynamic logic of the operating state and process conditions. Ensures smooth alarm transitions from one operating state to another using case logic.
  • List Management (LM) – Enables management of malfunctioning alarms, broken instrumentation or stale alarms. Reduces nuisance alarms, minimizes length of alarm summary and auto re-enables alarms.
  • EventKPI (EKPI) – Enterprise level, web based, automatic alarm / event reporting tool. Includes development environment for fully customized reports and dashboards. Generates and emails reports on scheduled basis or event triggered.
  • Safety Instrumented Function Tracker – Monitors the integrity of the safety system. Degraded components can be easily identified and repaired before the SIF operation becomes unsafe. Generates and emails reports on scheduled basis or event triggered.
  • AgileOps is compliant with API RP1167, IEC 62682 and ISA 18.2 standards and is designed to help you meet these standards when coupled with Emerson’s alarm rationalization services.
  • AgileOps is compatible with multiple control systems including Emerson DeltaV® and Ovation™ Honeywell Experion® and TDC®, Siemens PCS7®, ABB 800xA, DOW’s MOD 5, and Invensys Foxboro®, thus delivering a complete alarm management system for an entire site with one or multiple control system manufacturers.