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DeltaV Edge Environment
DeltaV Edge Environment
DeltaV™ Edge Environment provides easy and secure access to DeltaV data for use on premise or in the cloud for monitoring, analytics, reporting or other Enterprise applications to drive operational improvements.
DeltaV Edge Environment


DeltaV v14.LTS, DeltaV v15.LTS
Number of Supported Data Items
20k, 100k, 300k
Supported Sampling Periods
1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 60s
Alarms and Events Handling
300 events/ second, 4K peak alarm burst handling
Protocol Support for Data Egress
Hardware Required
Edge Node Server, DeltaV Application Station Server
Optional Hardware
Data Diode


  • DeltaV data is securely exposed with a simplified network architecture that reduces infrastructure, data management, and maintenance costs
  • Data context is preserved from the DeltaV system hierarchy and made available on premise or at the enterprise
  • Develop new or deploy existing applications that can be hosted on the Edge node in a managed environment for visualization tools, analytics packages, and data manipulation
  • Stream runtime, configuration, alarm and event, and other information in near-real time
  • Offered as a subscription for flexibility in streaming data volume
  • Quickly configure or edit data items to stream and auto-synchronize updates to the DeltaV hierarchy
  • Ideal data source for data lake and enterprise apps
  • Cloud based edge orchestration provides access to security patch management, application marketplace and deployment, and low touch maintenance.