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DeltaV™ Workstation Hardware
PDP_DeltaV Workstation Hardware
DeltaV™ Workstations run on a specific set of preselected Dell computer hardware specifically chosen to provide the best cost performance solution for your DeltaV system.
We provide you with a guaranteed solution to deliver the performance required. You will not waste time in no-value system setup engineering and troubleshooting when using DeltaV Workstations. Instead, you can focus on your process control functions.


  • Pre-installed Operating System (O/S) software for ease of deployment
  • Available with Windows 10 and Server 2016
  • Easy control network installation; all network cards pre-installed and ready to plug and play
  • Choice of workstation and server to optimize your cost/performance
  • Choices for tower and rack-mount computers
  • Supports single, dual, and quad monitors