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DeltaV™ Monitor and Control Software
PDP_DeltaV Monitor and Control Software
DeltaV™ Monitoring and Control Software uses standard IEC61131-3 control languages, as well as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus function blocks to support strategy development.
The DeltaV system provides you with a real-time database where you can store third-party data for use anywhere within the DeltaV system. You can display, trend, alarm and even use it in control strategies. DeltaV Monitoring and Control Software features class-based configuration, advanced unit management and advanced control.
DeltaV™ Monitor and Control Software


MD Plus, MQ, MX, SD Plus, SQ, SX, SZ, or PK Controllers and Ethernet I/O Card (EIOC)
Capacity, SCADA tags, Device Signal tags
25000 per workstation, 30000 per system
Data Source
Classic I/O (AI, AO, DI, DO), HART, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP, AS-i bus, DeviceNet, Serial, OPC Classic, OPC UA


  • Uses IEC61131-3 control languages
  • Built-in Foundation fieldbus functionality
  • Includes design control strategies to meet your application requirements
  • Adding capacity and control functionality is easy
  • Performs calculations on data from external sources
  • Allows protecting and hiding of control strategies
  • Features class-based configuration
  • Features advanced unit management (AUM) and advanced control