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DeltaV™ Logbooks
PDP_DeltaV Logbooks Product Data sheet
DeltaV™ Logbooks is a browser-based application used to capture electronic records of operator activity as well as plan and track operator tasks during a shift.
With Logbooks, operators can record information about daily operations, view a prioritized task list, and access a shift change dashboard that includes shift status and summary reports. By storing information electronically, operators can easily access a historical knowledge base in order to make more informed decisions to keep the plant running safely and efficiently.


  • Logbooks provides a dashboard that delivers a high level summary of what has happened during a shift as well as ongoing tasks
  • Users can create shift reports for management or compliance requirements
  • Assign parameters to tasks to improve communication and planning
  • Operators can quickly create log entries through simple text entry or by using forms/templates for more comprehensive records
  • Search existing entries by text string, area or equipment, or template type
  • Automatically records the name of the user who entered or last edited a log entry and the time of the change