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DeltaV™ ProfessionalPLUS Station Software Suite
PDP_DeltaV ProfessionalPLUS Station Software Suite
The ProfessionalPLUS object-oriented, global database gives you the power to access all your data, including data from third-party applications.
The ProfessionalPLUS Station comes with a complete set of operating, diagnostic and engineering tools. From IEC 61131-3 graphical control strategy configuration and debugging to graphics and history configuration, the ProfessionalPLUS Station has it all.


  • Includes a state-of-the-art, object-oriented database
  • Provides a single point of entry for all DeltaV™ data
  • Design your process control system using high-resolution graphics and drag-and-drop features for total engineering capabilities
  • Built-in, reliable operations features such as prioritized alarms and user security increase usability
  • Features integrated system and device diagnostics