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Config 600® Configuration Software
A suite of tools that enable you to monitor and configure FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Managers.
With Config600 tools, engineers can build configurations that allow the FloBoss S600 to handle a single meter run (measurement stream) up to both a gas and liquid station with multiple meter runs and proving.


  • Config600 Pro provides a full workbench for building complex configurations using the powerful Logicalc facility
  • Config600 Lite allows you to upload, download, and edit existing configurations
  • Config600 Lite Plus adds the ability to build standard applications
  • IPL 600 provides configuration transfer and communication port configuration capability
  • Windows-based, easy to use interface
  • Dialog boxes help direct selections and data entry
  • Drop down menus and pre-loaded values in fields simplify the process of building configurations
  • Separate configuration and maintenance applications
  • Powerful Logicalc scripting language
  • Password security
  • Common application templates