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OpenBSI Utilities Suite
A set of network communication services designed for technicians, engineers and operators providing access to ControlWave RTUs.
Two packages are available to offer optimum functionality.


  • LocalView for local connection to ControlWave® products
  • DataViewer for access to real-time and historical access
  • Communication StatLocalView for local connection to ControlWave® products
  • ACCOL and ControlWave Designer file downloaders
  • Set-up and configuration of 33XX, ControlWave, 3530 TeleProducts and 3808 MVT transmitters
  • WebBSI - webpage interface
  • TeleProducts web pages & ActiveX controls
  • Firmware flash-download of all flash-based products
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Supports BSAP and IP networks
  • NetView for global, network-wide access to real-time & historical data, programming and operator HMI
  • Network tuning wizard