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FBxStation Control™ Application for FB3000 RTU
Emerson’s new FBxStation Control™ Application for the FB3000 RTU provides a field-proven, easy-to-configure solution for multi-run, multi-station control and measurement at natural gas metering stations. It ensures reliable system performance and improves safety by increasing visibility of the current station pressure and flow data. Users can easily configure control within the application to meet specific site needs while the FB3000 RTU’s firmware provides built-in API 21.1 compliant measurement calculations. The combined functionality ensures pipeline operators can standardize on repeatable methods for measurement and control that are easier to maintain over time. This flexible solution also gives transmission and distribution stations the ability to quickly scale as needed from 4 to 24 meter runs across as many as 24 metering stations to adapt to changing operational requirements. It is ideal for stations with differential pressure (i.e., orifice) or linear-based meters that are performing uni-directional flow or energy-based station measurement and control with or without run switching. During commissioning, FBxStation Control saves users significant time since it is an off-the-shelf, pre-engineered solution with no programming required.


  • FBxStation Control is a field-proven, off-the-shelf solution for configuring advanced control – no programming required.
  • Easily configure station control, run staging/switching, and remote valve control for greater optimization.
  • Use cases include pipeline interconnects, pipeline isolation and control valves, and city gate stations.
  • Meet changing site needs by easily expanding from 4 to 24 meter runs across up to 24 metering stations.
  • Multiple PID control loops are available for each station that allow the application to control of up to 24 control valves.
  • Specify control based on flow or energy and other conditions (i.e., when to shut valves) using Station Control Config tabs.
  • Identify the order that meter runs (tubes) become active to achieve desired flow and pressure with Run Staging Tabs.
  • Enable FBxStation Control to operate and monitor valves as well as initiate open/close commands as needed.
  • Tightly integrated tools within the FieldTools environment mean no other application needs to be installed or managed.