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Zedi Measurement Schematics Software for Wellpads
Meet regulatory deadlines and have greater peace of mind in the event of an audit with Zedi Measurement Schematics Software for Wellpads. This turnkey solution enables oil and gas producers to continually keep measurement schematics up to date by providing an easy-to-follow process that includes approvals. Your staff can create and manage a variety of schematics as well as efficiently manage updates. The system automatically tracks revision history for auditing purposes while also managing and tracking document reviews and approvals. Because this software is integrated into our Zedi Access Oil and Gas Production Software, real-time production data is automatically embedded in your schematics to ensure personnel viewing the schematics have greater visibility to your operations. Communications between your field technicians and office staff will improve and the increased operational visibility will also lead to more rapid identification of measurement issues to expedite troubleshooting.


  • Create schematics for all facilities, manage changes, track revisions, and document reviews and approvals.
  • Get help with process implementation, schematic creation, and application set-up.
  • Easy to use with drag and drop drawing tools, library of standard symbols, and links to track flow of production.
  • Assign permissions to view, edit and approve for an unlimited number of users while getting notified of any changes.
  • Quickly and easily review entire revision history.
  • On-going implementation and training with free 24/7 customer support.