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IntelliSAW™ iNFC™ Sensors
The IntelliSAW iNFC; family of temperature sensors is the ideal method for continuous monitoring of low voltage critical asset hot-spots such as busbars, breaker arms, breaker contacts, and cables. Each sensor is designed for easy installation in the space-confined environment of low-voltage equipment. iNFC sensors have reinforced isolation per IEC 61010-1 of up to 1000V AC Cat III power, or up to 600V AC Cat IV power, making the design suitable (electrically isolated) for most LV applications.
IntelliSAW™ iNFC™ Sensors


Temperature Range
-25 °C to +125 °C
Sensor Type
Tall Clip sensors, Wide Clip Sensors, E-frame Sensors
Bolt-mount, Clips, Cable Tie
Compatible Devices
IntelliSAW CAM-5 - Continuous Asset Monitoring HMI, IntelliSAW IRM Reader, IntelliSAW Partial Discharge Air Interface , IntelliSAW Air Interface.


  • Clip-on and bolt-mount options make for easy installation in new or retrofit equipment.
  • Multiple designs inspired by common low voltage assets.
  • Electrically isolated up to 1kv for most equipment.
  • 100% passive, requiring no sensor power source or maintenance for installed life.
  • Direct RF connections eliminate the need for antennas and RF planning.
  • Supports high sensor density within any asset.
  • Wide operational temperature range from -25 to 125 degrees Celsius
  • No re-calibration needed once installed for life of sensor