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IntelliSAW™ LPxx Temperature Sensor
The IntelliSAW Low-Profile (LP) temperature sensors are the ideal method for real-time, continuous monitoring of low and medium voltage critical asset hot-spots that require a low clearance, including mounting LP sensors directly onto the arms of MV circuit breakers. LP temperature sensors are wireless and passive (no power required) continuous temperature monitoring devices. LP sensors were specifically designed for electrical power assets with basic insulation levels (BIL) up to 185kV.
IntelliSAW™ LPxx Temperature Sensor


Temperature Range
-25 °C to +155 °C
Shrink-wrap, Cable Tie, High-Temperature Tape
Compatible Devices
IntelliSAW CAM-5 - Continuous Asset Monitoring HMI, IntelliSAW IRM Reader, IntelliSAW Partial Discharge Air Interface , IntelliSAW Air Interface.


  • Low-Profile design allows for installation in low-clearance environments.
  • Can be installed directly onto the arms of MV circuit breakers
  • 100% passive wireless sensors. No power source is required for the sensors to operate.
  • 20+year operational life expectancy.
  • Type tested for low and medium voltage applications.
  • Can withstand exposure up to 155 °C without damage
  • Wide operational temperature range from -25 °C to 125 °C
  • No re-calibration needed once installed for life of sensor