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Rosemount™ 2051CFC Wireless Compact Annubar™ Flow Meter
Engineered with secure WirelessHART® technology, the Rosemount 2051CFC Wireless Compact Annubar Flow Meter features industry-standard performance with >99% data reliability.
This device is designed with an averaging pitot tube that installs between raised-face flanges, eliminating the need for impulse piping and additional process penetrations. The patented T-shaped sensor design also includes a flat upstream surface for high performance over a wide flow range.
Rosemount™ 2051CFC Wireless Compact Annubar™ Flow Meter


Up to 5-year limited warranty
Up to 100:1 (5:1 flow turndown)
Measurement Range
Up to 1000 inH2O (2,48 bar) differential
Line Size
2 to 8 in. (50 to 200 mm)
Differential pressure, scaled variable
Communication Protocol
Process Wetted Material
316 SST
Basic Diagnostics
NACE®, hazardous location, see full specs for complete list of certifications
Update Rate
1 sec. to 60 min., user selectable
Power Module Life
Up to 10-year life, field replaceable (order separately)
Wireless Range
Internal antenna (225 m)


  • WirelessHART® technology is secure, cost-effective and delivers >99% data reliability
  • Complete flow assemblies are leak-tested and calibrated to reduce leak points up to 70% and simplify installation
  • Compact pitot tube designed to fit and install between raised-face flanges for straightforward installation
  • SmartPower™ module provides up to 10-year maintenance-free operation and field replacement without transmitter removal
  • Easy installation enables quick instrumentation of measurement points without the cost of wiring