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LevelDatic Pneumatic 1:1 Converter PLT
rosemount pneumatic 1-1 converter plt
Measuring liquid level in tanks that are sensitive to air exposure with the LevelDatic system requires a solution where you don’t feed the air into the tanks.
Your solution is the LevelDatic Pneumatic 1:1 Converter PLT where the hydrostatic tank pressure is measured through a PTFE coated membrane. The result, you get accurate level readings with no air flow into the tank.
LevelDatic Pneumatic 1:1 Converter PLT


Max. Operating Pressure
8 bar
2.7 kg
< 0.4% of converted pressure


  • Robust design for reliable measurement of tank levels.
  • Use the superior electro pneumatic level measurement principle for measuring in tanks where air feed into tanks is prohibited.
  • Measuring range of up to 40 m.
  • Engineered by marine specialist to withstand the rigors of working at sea.
  • Complies with international measurement standards.