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Rosemount™ 356 Nuclear Connector
The Rosemount 356 Nuclear Connector is engineered for assembly to the Rosemount 3152K Nuclear Pressure Transmitter, providing a reliable solution in tough environments.
This electrical conduit connector is built with a clamp-style disconnect for ease-of-use and simple assembly. As an industry-proven connector, this product is qualified per KTA 3505 (11/2005), IEEE Std 344™, IEC 61000, IEC/CISPR 16 standards to meet application requirements.
Rosemount™ 356 Nuclear Connector


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Contact Information
Please contact Rosemount Nuclear Instruments, Inc. at 1-952-949-5207 or [email protected] for the most current information available
Supported Devices
Rosemount 3152K Pressure Transmitter


  • Nuclear electrical conduit connector with a clamp-style disconnect design provides simple installation
  • Qualified for assembly to the Rosemount 3152K Nuclear Pressure Transmitter
  • Meets KTA 3505 (11/2005), IEEE Std 344, IEC 61000, IEC/CISPR 16 standards for tough application requirements