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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Model MP1/MP2 Differential Pressure Manifolds
Block and bleed manifold for static pressure measurement devices.
Single or dual outlet for local indication for static pressure to 6000 psig (414 barg)


  • Cost savings of 20-30% when manifolding instruments by eliminating several parts used in conventional methods of ‘piping up’.
  • Compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation.
  • Fewer leak points reduce leakage by having fewer parts to assemble.
  • Free-swivelling ball end stem design ensures bubble-tight valve closure without seat galling.
  • Reduced piping costs by mounting two instruments on the same manifold and pipe stand.
  • Immediate installation with AGCO Mount as the manifold, steam block, bracket and all associated piping can be installed without the instrument at the time of plant construction.
  • Secure mounting provided by the AGCO Mount. Instrument piping stability is enhanced when directly supported by the pipe stand through the manifold.
  • All block valve threading is isolated. Packing is below stem threads, body-to-bonnet seal is below the threads minimizing process fluid corrosion.
  • Reduced chance of instrument damage. With the AGCO Mount, the instrument can be warehoused safely until final ‘loop’ checkout.