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ASCO™ Series HOV13B Hydramotor Valves
Hydramotor Valves HOV13B ASCO
The ASCO Series HOV13B are bronze-bodied safety valves electro-hydraulically operated to provide reliable on-off control of fuel oil.
The valves´ spring-loaded, stem-guided PTFE seat opens within 9 seconds of power application and closes within 1 second of power interruption. The valves are agency-approved for fuel oil safety shutoff service on the N.C. port. The HOV13B Series N.O. port typically provides return to the oil preheater during the off cycle. The HOV13B Series consist of a flexible two-piece actuator and the valve body design that is ideal for OEMs who want both actuator and body as a set, and for end users and distributors who want to minimize inventory by mixing/matching separate actuators and valve bodies. The HOV13B Series are suitable for boilers/burners, ovens/furnaces, kilns/incinerators, and heating equipment.
ASCO™ Series HOV13B Hydramotor Valves


Valve Actuation
Body Material
Fuel Oil
Pipe / Port Size
1/2 "; 3/4 "
Port Type
3 way - 3/2 Normally Closed
2.5 Cv to 3.0 Cv
24 AC, 110 AC, 120 AC, 220 AC, 230 AC
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
300 PSI
Operating Environment
Indoor, Outdoor
Standards / Regulations
CSA, FM, Type 1, Type 3, Type 4, UL


  • HOV13B Series is a 3-way assembly that accepts 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch pipe sizes
  • Broad ambient temperature range suitable for hot (150° F/66° C) or frigid (-40° F/-40° C) environments
  • Flexible multi-poise field mounting allows installation in any orientation
  • Valve seal over travel and electrical interlock proof of closure switch are standard equipment.
  • Type 1 General Purpose enclosure standard, optional Type 4 Watertight enclosure is suitable for outdoor or indoor installations
  • Wide range of voltages allows use in many geographical locations
  • UL Listed, FM Approved, CSA Certified