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Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator
Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator
The XTE3000 is an intelligent multi-turn electric actuator from the Bettis family of actuators.
Specifically designed to meet the most challenging valve automation demands of the Oil & Gas, Power, and Process industries, the XTE3000 is compliant with a wide range of international standards and is the ideal solution to your plant’s safety and reliability requirements.

Bettis XTE3000 Intelligent Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

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Sean Donald Explains the Bettis XTE3000 Intelligent Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

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Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator


Power Source
Product Type
Multi-Turn Electric Actuator
IECEx, FM (US), FM-c (Canada), NEPSI* (China), CU-TR* (CIS), INMETRO* (Brazil), CCOE* (India), KOSHA* (Korea)
Control Type
On/Off, Modulating, ESD
Valve Type
Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Ball, Rotary Plug, or Linear
From 30Nm (22lb.ft) to 1,440Nm (1062lb.ft), multi-turn
From 330Nm to 63,000Nm (46,466lb.ft), quarter-turn
Gears can extend the upper limit of this range as high as 1,000,000Nm (737,562lb.ft)


  • Non-intrusive with a user-friendly push-button panel for operation, configuration, and diagnostics
  • Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity
  • Maintenance data includes full internal datalogger records, operating data, alarms, valve torque curves, and provides important information on the performance and operating condition of valves and systems
  • Configurable datalogger function for maintenance and diagnostic programs
  • Customized numeric and graphic displays with multiple language options
  • High-definition absolute encoder, able to read valve position even when main and backup power is lost
  • Contactless digital motor speed sensor
  • Wide range of advanced open-bus communication protocols:
    • Modbus
    • HART
    • PROFIBUS DPV0, DPV1, and redundant DPV2
    • Foundation Fieldbus
    • LonWorks
  • Watertight and explosion-proof PDAs available for remote control and setup
  • DCMlink connectivity for monitoring, diagnostics, and setup. The Bettis XTE3000 Modbus card is fully compatible with the Emerson standard configuration tool, allowing for operation of actuators in the field through the same interface