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Morin B/C Low Pressure Actuator
Morin B/C Low Pressure Actuators
B series - Ductile iron w/ stainless steel cylinders, C series - Ductile iron w/ carbon steel cylinders Spring return and double acting actuators Quarter-turn output torques to 158200 Nm
Morin B/C Low Pressure Actuator


Supply pressure
3 to 11 barg
Supply medium
Air or any gas compatible with materials of construction
Temperature rating - standard range
-29°C to 99°C
Temperature rating - optional range
-54°C to 149°C
Angular rotation
90 degrees (adjustable between 82 and 98 degrees)
Mounting pattern
ISO 5211
SIL3 capable


  • Ductile iron housing, piston and end caps provide long life and durable, cost-effective operation.
  • High strength alloy steel or 17-4PH stainless output shaft transmits torque without fatigue.
  • Sintered bronze or PTFE composite output shaft bushings eliminate side loading of valve stem to maximize stem packing performance.
  • Strong, corrosion-resistant chrome-plated steel piston rod for enduring high cycle applications.
  • Sintered bronze piston rod bushings provide low-friction support and precise alignment to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance and extend actuator life.
  • Heat-treated stainless steel thrust pin and rollers transfer piston force to yoke to reduce friction for longer life and more efficient torque transmission.
  • PTFE guide bands ensure low-friction piston guidance, protecting cylinder walls from scoring and extending seal performance with a continuous cylinder wiping action.
  • Bi-directional travel stops provide accurate valve rotation adjustment.
  • NAMUR drive slot maintains a compact assembly for accessory-driven components with no couplings necessary.
  • Tectyl-coated springs need no special tools to be disarmed safely and easily, reducing down time.
  • Easily removable housing cover provides easy access for yoke mechanism inspection.