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Fisher™ 4320 Wireless Position Monitor
The Fisher 4320 wireless position monitor eliminates the need for wiring to an on/off, pneumatically actuated valve.
It provides a precise wireless feedback signal to indicate equipment position with a percent of span plus on/off indication. The 4320 can be used to control and/or monitor valves, sliding-stem regulators, displacement and float level sensors, and relief valves. It is designed to be simple to use, compact, and easily mounted.

How to Take Control of Your Manual Valves Using the Fisher 4320 Wireless On/Off Controller

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Fisher™ 4320 Wireless Position Monitor


Area Classification
Intrinsically Safe
Communication Protocol
Data Interface
Input Signal
Electric, Pneumatic
Mounting Type
Actuator Mounted
Position Control
Modulating, On/Off, Monitoring, Control
Process Control
Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level
Supply Media
Air, Natural Gas
Other Configurations
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  • The linkage-less feedback system is easy to install with a magnet array assembled to the valve stem.
  • With the pneumatic output option, only air is needed to automate an on/off valve.
  • The optional pneumatic output has ultra-low steady state air consumption. Air generation costs can be reduced.
  • The WirelessHART™ self-organizing mesh network provides the high level of communication reliability required in process control.
  • More than 5 years of operation is typical, using standard life and extended life power modules. Optional ability to use local 12-28v power in the field.
  • The feedback design provides more accurate monitoring and eliminates physical wear-out, common in traditional valve instruments.
  • Predefined device, network, and system diagnostics provide details on the health of the device and its ability to communicate.