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RD500 Atlas®, Revers Acting Rupture Disc & Holder

RD500 Atlas®, Revers Acting Rupture Disc & Holder

The RD500 ATLAS is a reverse-acting scored rupture disc, suitable for the most challenging industrial pressure relief applications. Utilizing Fike’s patented G2 Manufacturing Technology, this rupture disc is pre-engineered and will provide highly accurate and reliable overpressure protection.
Fike RD500 Atlas


Size Range
1-42 inches
Disc Materials
316 / 316L SST, Hastelloy® C276, Inconel® 625


  • Offers burst pressures up to 1500 PSIG (103.42 BARG) and sizes up to 42" while still featuring 95/100 (ASME/EN ISO 4126-2) percent operating ratio, liquid or vapor service, back-pressure resistance and unrivaled cycling capability.
  • 95% of marked burst pressures over 40 psig (2.76 barg) – ASME
  • 95% of minimum burst tolerance for burst pressures less than or equal to 40 psig (2.76 barg) – ASME and EN ISO 4126-2
  • 100% of minimum burst pressure over 40 psig (2.76 barg) – EN ISO 4126-2