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RD540 Reverse Acting, Rupture Disc & Holder

RD540 Reverse Acting, Rupture Disc & Holder

The RD540 is a reverse-acting scored rupture disc, suitable for the most challenging industrial pressure relief applications. This iteration of Fike’s patented G2 Manufacturing Technology is pre-engineered for low pressure applications not encompassed by the RD520 AXIUS. This rupture disc will provide highly accurate and reliable overpressure protection.
Fike RD540 Ultra Low Pressure


Size Range
1-4 inches
Disc Materials
316 / 316L SST
Burst Pressure Range
1.5-10 psig


  • First high-performance metallic rupture disc for use in very low-pressure applications such as glass lined reactors. Ideal replacement for graphite rupture discs.
  • 90% Operating Ratio