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Instrumentation Product Repair Instrumentation Product Repair
Automated valves and instruments are very sophisticated.

Automated valves and instruments are very sophisticated.

This complexity coupled with a shortage of technical work force in the field increases the risk of improper repair and maintenance of your instrumentation assets. Our team provides fully trained, factory certified technicians and technologists to provide full OEM repairs on all the products we supply.

A regularly scheduled valve repair from a major refinery was slated in-house for service. The original schedule was for 4 days during a short shutdown at the site. Very quickly, the repair became a rush as other operational issue arose at site.

The local Emerson Impact Parther pulled together some new parts quickly to meet the customer's new and urgent needs.

The quick response coupled wiht a shift in the project scope allowed the valve to be shipped back to the customer within hours saving them approximately $500,000 in delayed production.
Reduced lost production risk
Team effort