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FloBoss™ 107 Flow Manager
The FloBoss 107 is a single or multi-run flow computer that is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications that monitor, measure, and control equipment in a remote environment.
The FloBoss 107 provides the functions required for various field automation applications delivering accurate AGA calculations, data archival, broad communications support, low power consumption, PID loop control, FST control, and operation over extreme temperatures and many I/O points.


  • Supports differential pressure elements and pulse meter applications for one to four meter runs.
  • Expandable I/O, Six points on the optional CPU assembly and up to six I/O modules.
  • Standard and Extended History archiving.
  • Field-side surge and short-circuit protection.
  • Local storage of monitored, measured, and calculated data.
  • Local control of field equipment, including valves and motors.
  • Local and remote communication capabilities.
  • High levels of data security.
  • Memory back-up by battery and super-capacitor to provide long term data, configuration, and operational integrity when not in service.