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ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller
The ROC800 combines the ruggedness and low power consumption of a RTU, the scalability, speed and control of a PLC, and the audit trails and historical data of a flow computer enabling you to measure, control and optimize your oil and gas operations using a single device.
The ROC800-Series has built a reputation on being reliable and known to operate in the harshest remote climates.


  • 12 meter runs per device — with up to 6 of these being liquid measurement
  • Measure a full range of liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, NGLs, refined products, special application products, lubricating oils, and light hydrocarbons
  • Offers 3, 9, 15, 21, and 27 slots for input/output communication modules
  • Provides custody transfer quality measurement for liquids and gas per the API and AGA standards
  • Execute a proving activity, sampling activity, along with alarms for leak detection and other ESD systems for safety and environmental protection
  • Control motors, pumps, and valves with multiple PID control loops, incorporating overrides that can be used with flow control
  • Store up to 24 product meter factors
  • Improve productivity and reduce cost with Flow-Cal integration
  • Wireless capabilities provide faster installation and easier maintenance
  • A suite of pre-engineered software programs virtually eliminates the need for field programming —saving commissioning time and cost
  • The rugged and modular I/O provides isolation and protection from surges — improving the reliability and reducing the outages
  • Compliant with AGA and API standards and can produce and export .CFX industry-standard files for either gas or liquid meter runs