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A field proven and highly reliable ’Gas-Under-Oil’ valve operating system with no associated gas emissions.

The Shafer ECAT encompasses all the functional reliability and performance of a rotary vane yet designed for zero emissions and perfect for environmentally sensitive applications.

For 70 years, Shafer actuators, with their control components, have been used in over 100,000 field proven pipeline applications. The new Shafer Emissions Controlled Actuation Technology (ECAT) encompasses the functional characteristics of the rotary vane in an innovative design eliminating emissions typically associated with gas-over-oil systems. 

ECAT provides a sound solution for densely populated areas where the odor of natural gas is problematic for local residents. It is compatible with existing Shafer hardware.  For convenience, the ECAT may be purchased as an upgrade for most existing installations.

Shafer ECAT is a Valve Operating SystemTM for critical pipeline applications where dependability of the equipment is essential and emissions control desired.   ECAT applies progressive technology to prevent emissions but also uses Emerson’s proven Shafer technology and controls to stroke valves under the most demanding conditions.  It is an excellent solution for environmentally sensitive applications.

ECAT Single Stroke Cycle Demonstration

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Zero Emissions Shafer ECAT - Emissions Controlled Actuation Technology

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Shafer ECAT - Zero Emissions Valve Actuation for Natural Gas Pipelines


Power Source
Pipeline gas powers the actuator and a unique electro-hydraulic power pack is used to re-inject gas back into the pipeline
Product Type
Rotary Vane Hydraulic Actuator
NEC Explosion proof for Class I, Div. I hazardous areas
Control Type
On/off, ESD, Station blow-down, Remote 2-way electric control, Linebreak, Station by-pass etc.
Valve Type
Ball, Plug


  • Ideal for gas pipeline applications in environmentally sensitive areas