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Roxar FSM Log Area Corrosion Monitor™
Roxar FSM Log Area Corrosion Monitor is a non-intrusive solution that can permanently track general and localized metal loss over a pre-defined surfaces in steel pipes, bends and vessels up to 500°C (932°F).
Due to its monitoring characteristics, Roxar FSM Log is widely used in process piping and line pipes in downstream, midstream and upstream applications for asset integrity management activities and risk based inspection optimization.
Roxar FSM Log Area Corrosion Monitor™


Temperature (instrument)
–40°C – + 60°C (–40°F — 140°F)
Temperature Sensing Pin Matrix
Low Temp/Buried: –40°C – +130 °C (–40°F — 266°F)
High Temp: –40°C – +500 °C (–40°F — 932°F)
Ex Classification:
Ex Certified version: II 2G Ex e ia mb IIC Gb –40°C<T<+60°C (–40°F — 140°F)
Wired — Roxar™ proprietary Fieldbus SystemWireless: GSM and Wi-Fi
Number of sensing pins
64, 128, 192 or 256 pins per instrument
Maximum cable length from matrix to FSM Log
10 meters (30 feet)


  • Non-intrusive and fast deployment without stopping the process
  • Temperature rating up to 500°C (932°F), suitable for use at critical locations (e.g. in refineries)
  • Measures a continous area, providing unmatched localized metal loss monitoring capabilities
  • Direct installation on pipelines, access to critical spots on bottom of underground pipelines