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Micro Motion 4200 2-Wire Transmitter
The 4200 2-wire Coriolis meter lowers capital expenditures and provides a faster commissioning time with the ability to share power and signal over the same pair of wires reducing installation, engineering, and planning costs.
  The 2-wire Coriolis meter does not require any straight runs or flow conditioning providing a robust, repeatable, and reliable solution with no moving parts, and wide turndown, improving product quality leading to less rework and waste.

Characterize and Configure a Micro Motion Coriolis Meter

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Characterize and Configure a Coriolis Sensor and 4200 2-Wire Loop Powered Transmitter using ProLink Software

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Characterize and Configure a Coriolis Meter using the 4200 2-Wire Loop Powered Transmitter

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Micro Motion 4200 2-Wire Transmitter


Local display

• Graphical display with optional backlight setting
• Four-button capacitive touch controls
• Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese languages.

• 2-wire loop-powered transmitter
• Minimum 17.75 V lift off voltage.
Input/output signals

• Up to 2 output channels
• Channel A is loop-powered 4-20mA/HART
• Chanel B is externally-powered configurable for 4-20mA, frequency output or discrete output (Licensable Option)

• WirelessHART available with THUM adapter
Mounting options

• Field-mount
• Integrally mounted to a Micro Motion ELITE (CMFS), CMF200-CMF350, F-series, H-series, R-series, and T-series sensors
• Remotely mounted 9-wire with mounting bracket
Application types

• Smart Meter Verification
• Concentration measurement
• API Referral
Hazardous approvals

• Class I, Div. 1
• Class I, Div. 2
• Zone 1
• Zone 2
• Intrinsically Safe
• Explosion Proof


  • Available with a wide range of Coriolis mass flow sensors with up to +/-0.10% mass flow accuracy and +/0.0005 g/cc density accuracy for liquids and slurries or +/-0.25% mass flow accuracy for gases.
  • The integrated real-time clock time stamps process data, alerts, Smart Meter Verification reports and audit logs. Data Historian on board offers a complete audit trail to determine process issues.
  • Graphic display that supports 8 languages and can be rotated using the integrated software rotation without removing the front cover, thereby minimizing downtime due to hot work permit restrictions.
  • Replace existing 2-wire flow devices with minimal effort and without incurring additional power or cabling costs.
  • Easily expand your plant where power is not centrally located
  • Smart Meter Verification provides a quick, complete assessment of a Coriolis meter, determining whether the meter has been affected by erosion, corrosion, or other influences affecting meter calibration. A basic version of Smart Meter Verification is included as standard.
  • Certified for SIL2 single use and SIL3 multiple use safety applications per IEC 61508
  • Accurate, repeatable, direct mass measurement improves process control while reducing number of measurement devices required.
  • Wireless THUM™ option maximizes installation and operation flexibility.