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Micro Motion New Generation LNG Dispenser System
The LNG dispenser system uses both a liquid delivery and gas return meter which is seamlessly integrated with a single transmitter to offer a complete dispensing measurement solution in one package.
Micro Motion New Generation LNG Dispenser System


Liquid Dispenser Flow Rate
1200-18000 kg/hr (2646-39,683 lb/hr)
Return Gas Flow Rate
120-1800 kg/hr (265-3968 lb/hr)
Mass Flow Accuracy
±0.5% of batch (liquid) /±0.5% of batch (gas)
Mass Flow Rate Repeatability
±0.25% of batch (liquid) / ±0.5% of batch (gas)
Pressure Range
50 barg (725 psig)
Process Fluid Temperature
-196 – 60 C (-320 – 140 F)


  • Both the filling and gas return meter integrated into one transmitter provides complete solution for LNG dispensers.
  • Compact design saves installation space
  • 2 in 1 dual core processor with built-in safety barrier, simplifies wiring installation
  • Aviation plug joint improves reliability and durability
  • Excellent measurement in two-phase flow conditions to overcome entrained gas challenges
  • No moving parts to wear over time provides reliable and repeatable measurement
  • 3rd party certified performance and custody transfer approval to meet local requirements