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Det-Tronics X3302 Hydrogen Flame Detector
The X3302 brings state-of-the-art IR flame detection to the difficult task of detecting invisible hydrogen flames.
Focusing on the water-band IR emissions of hydrogen flame, the X3302 overcomes the limited detection range and false alarm tendencies of other flame detectors by employing field proven multispectrum infrared (MIR) technology. The result is unsurpassed flame sensitivity with discrimination of non-flame sources in situations in which traditional flame detectors are unsuitable. 
Det-Tronics X3302 Hydrogen Flame Detector


Operating Voltage
24 Vdc. Operating range is 18 to 30 Vdc.
Power Consumption
4 watts minimum (without heater), 17 watts at 30 Vdc
Spectral Sensitivity Range
IR wavelength range 2.4 to 3.5 microns
16 AWG or 2.5 mm2 shielded cable is recommended.
Enclosure Material
Copper-free aluminum or 316 stainless steel.


  • FM 3260 (2000).
  • EN54 Certified.
  • Certified SIL 2 Capable.
  • ATEX Directive compliant.
  • Certified performance.
  • EQP models available.
  • Extended detection range.
  • New standard set for cone of vision.
  • HART models available.
  • FDT/DTM capable.
  • Multiple sensitivity levels.
  • Maximum false alarm rejection.
  • Microprocessor controlled heated optics.
  • Calibrated automatic optical check for each sensor eliminates
  • need for testing with external test lamp.
  • RFI and EMC Directive compliant.
  • Event logging with time and date stamp.
  • Integral wiring compartment for ease of installation.
  • Solar resistance.