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Rosemount™ 3051CFA Annubar™ Flow Meter
rosemount 3051cfa annubar flow meter
An industry-leading flow measurement solution, the Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flow Meter is customized with a patented T-shaped, averaging pitot tube that features reliable accuracy over a wide flow range.
This patented sensor design maintains a small profile in the pipe for reduced permanent pressure loss and is capable of flow and pressure measurements via a single pipe penetration. This flow meter is also leak-tested and calibrated to reduce leak points for increased process control.
Rosemount™ 3051CFA Annubar™ Flow Meter


Up to 5-year limited warranty
Up to 150:1 (8:1 flow turndown)
Measurement Range
Up to 1000 inH2O (2,48 bar) differential
Line Size
2 to 96 in. (50 to 2440 mm)
Differential pressure, scaled variable
Communication Protocol
4-20 mA HART®, WirelessHART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, PROFIBUS®, 1-5 V Low Power HART®
Process Wetted Material
316L SST, Alloy C-276
Basic Diagnostics, Loop Integrity
SIL 2/3 certified to IEC 61508 by an independent 3rd party, NACE®, hazardous location, see full specs for complete list of certifications


  • Patented T-shape Annubar creates a fixed separation point for DP signal improvement over a wider flow rate
  • Complete flow assemblies are leak-tested and calibrated to reduce leak points up to 70% and simplify installation
  • 10-year stability and 8:1 flow turndown (150:1 rangedown) produce reliable measurements and application flexibility
  • Sensor stagnation zone positioned to reduce noise, measurement inaccuracies and keeps particulates from clogging
  • Local operator interface offers easy-to-use menus and built-in configuration buttons for streamlined commissioning
  • Loop Integrity diagnostics detect electrical loop issues for reduced downtime
  • SIL 2/3 certified to IEC 61508 (via 3rd party) and prior-use certificate of FMEDA data for safety installations