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ENVIRO-SEAL™ Packing Systems for Fisher™ Rotary Valves
Enviro-Seal Rotary Valves
Fisher ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems offer exceptional shaft sealing capabilities.
These packing systems, available with PTFE or graphite packing material, feature live-loading and unique packing ring arrangements for long-term, consistent sealing performance.

ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems easily install in your existing valves or can be purchased with new valves.
ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems help seal your process to conserve valuable process fluid. The long life and reliability of these systems also reduce your maintenance cost and downtime.

For process control applications requiring compliance with specific environmental protection regulations, the Fisher solution is the unique ENVIRO-SEAL packing system. ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems keep emission concentrations below the 100 ppm (parts per million) requirement set by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For an excellent shaft seal in applications that are not environmentally-sensitive, ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems may be applied at higher pressure/temperature ratings [103 bar (1500 psig)/-46 to 232C (-50 to 450F) for PTFE design or 207 bar (3000 psig)/-198 to 371C (-325 to 700F) for graphite design]. Such applications offer excellent shaft sealing, extended packing life, and reduced maintenance costs when you compare ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems to standard packing arrangements.
ENVIRO-SEAL™ Packing Systems for Fisher™ Rotary Valves


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  • Compliance with the Clean Air Act—The excellent shaft sealing of the ENVIRO-SEAL packing system (figure 1) can control emissions to below the EPA maximum of 100 ppm. ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems provide an excellent shaft seal to prevent the loss of process fluid.
  • Improved Service Life—ENVIRO-SEAL packing system design, the anti-extrusion rings that contain the packing, and live loading combine to give you long service with very low maintenance. External live-loading provides a constant load over the life of
  • the packing material which reduces your need for constant packing box adjustment and high levels of packing maintenance. Installed ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems provide excellent shaft sealing, guiding, and transmission of loading force.
  • Easy Installation in Existing Valves—All parts needed to install the systems in existing valves are available in a convenient kit. Some larger valves may require the packing box to be sleeved to accommodate a smaller cross section of packing.
  • Adaptable to Many Applications— ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems are available with PTFE or graphite packing rings. ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems fit a wide range of Fisher rotary valves. See the valve product bulletin for specific availability information. Note: ENVIRO-SEAL PTFE and graphite packing
  • systems can be used in vacuum service applications with packing rings in the standard orientation. It is not necessary to reverse the PTFE packing rings.